Like a bad neighbor

I contacted the Insurance Commission for help regarding my homeowner’s policy with State Farm and was told to document the sequence of events. I am a long term insured with State Farm and only had one claim on my prior home in Arizona during the 14 +years of being insured. I sold that home in May 2016 to relocate to a home in Cosby Tennessee and my agent transferred the policy to the Tennessee address. I was forced to file a claim after the moving company that was hired to transport the sum of my possessions in June absconded with the 43ft gooseneck trailer and everything I owned. Over the course of two to three months I attempted to recover my belongings by going through the moving company because I did not want to file a claim, despite I moved across the country and had to start all over buying what I spent my whole life acquiring in terms of personal possessions. Ultimately I filed a claim, and was given a two year window during which I can update and report to the adjuster the stolen items because State Farm understood the circumstances. There were hundreds of items stolen with varying monetary values. Due to the extreme loss I have encountered and having to start all over I have been unable to scratch the surface of what is missing. I moved to Tennessee almost a year ago and to this day have never even slept in my house that is insured with State Farm. I was left with no furniture, no furnishings, nothing to set up my house so I have been forced to live in a motor-home and I have been extremely depressed and traumatized by all the events. This is why I have an open claim for two years and I expect it can take me the full two years to realize and report all the items that were stolen from me.

In the interim of dealing with all this, on November 28, 2016, my roof was destroyed in what were classified as hurricane winds and damaged the entire region where I live. The adjustor came out and informed me when he inspected the roof that it needed a full replacement, not unlike so many buildings in the whole area including the school nearby, the damage was widespread and very destructive. This was a natural disaster over which I had no control whatsoever. The adjuster did not hesitate to approve the claim.
To summarize, the reason I need the assistance of the Insurance Commission is I just received a cancellation notice from State Farm informing me that due to having two claims filed against my property I will be cancelled. This is extremely unfair and from what I understand not within the insurance parameters set by the regulatory agency. I had just one claim my whole life, combined with the fact that the loss of the trailer containing my personal belongings was not associated with my house directly at all. The trailer was en route in May of 2016 when I moved and by the time we figured out it was stolen it was some time, that is because the drivers misled me into thinking they were delayed. That scam and scheme was designed to delay my realization I was the victim of a crime. That claim is not even finalized and will not be for two years. Then regarding my roof, I do not feel I should be penalized for that when it was the result of a natural disaster that affected the entire region in which I live. As a homeowner I must have insurance that is affordable. I have always been a great customer and I am requesting your help in getting this resolved as soon as possible. I cannot go one day uninsured. State Farm has canceled me in retaliation for filing a claim And they will put you in the system called clue you will not be able to purchase insurance

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